Hatching An Idea

My friends play Fantasy Premier League Draft every season (think Fantasy Football, but with Soccer). I’ve refused to join them for 7 years now. Why? Because, I always end up drafting a player from a team I “sports hate”. There’s nothing worse than rooting for said player in the middle of a season when they are playing a crucial game against my favorite team, Manchester United. The guilt eats me alive. This year, I caved.

The season starts. We go through the draft and I don’t recognize 90% of the players. Clearly, I have lost touch in the last 7 years. Despite my struggles I land a decent team. I think to myself, “I got this”.


I lose my first matchup 41-38. I realize that I can’t do this by myself. I don’t know how to field a team that can win this fantasy league. So, I turn to the internet and all it’s wisdom. I find a pretty nifty website called Rotowire. They have rankings and projections every week that help clueless people like me pick their teams.

Awesome! Now I can just cross check players against Rotowire projections and pick up free agents and build the statistically best team. Easy peasy, right?


Going back and forth from the Fantasy Premier League Draft website and Rotowire website is tedious. It involves a series of Ctrl+F commands. The official website only ever shows 10 players at a time. I get tired of it all easily. There’s no hope for me.

Then, I remember something, “Hey, I know how to code. Maybe I can just make a chrome extension that overlays the Rotowire projections on the FPL Draft website right?”

Right :)

Written on September 24, 2020